Cookies and clear gifs


Cookies are files that Web servers placeon an Internet user's computer that are designed to store basic information(such as the Visitor’s/User’s preferences). The use of cookies on theSite/Application allows Visitors to enjoy more seamless visits and moreaccurately measures the Visitor’s/User’s behavior on the Site/Application.

There are two types of cookies: sessionand persistent. Session cookies exist only during an Internet user’s onlinesession. They disappear from the user’s computer/mobile when he/she closes thebrowser software. Persistent cookies remain on the user’s computer after thebrowser has been closed. The cookies used on the Site/Application do notidentify you personally. They merely recognize your browser, unless you chooseto identify yourself voluntarily. You may choose to identify yourself by askingthe browser to remember your username and password, by responding to apromotional offer, by personalizing a web page or requesting more informationon a product or service. Otherwise, you remain anonymous.


When you interact with the Site/Application,we strive to make that experience easy and meaningful. When you come to ourSite/Application, our web server uses cookies to improve your interaction withthe Site/Application by, for example, remembering your preferences. Morespecifically, Nakheel PJSC uses cookies to measure your behavior on theSite/Application and to save personal settings on specific pages. For ourcustomers who login to the Nakheel PJSC portal, cookies can also be used tosave the username and password so that Nakheel PJSC can process the saved logininformation and quickly log that customer in. Cookies also help us make sureyou are who you say you are after you have logged in. Nakheel PJSC uses cookies(that only Nakheel PJSC can read and use) to identify the fact that you are aNakheel PJSC customer or a prior Visitor/User (whatever the case may be).Visitors/Users who disable their Web browsers' ability to accept cookies willstill be able to browse/use the Site/Application; however, they may lose someof the functionality provided by the use of cookies.


You have the ability to accept or declinecookies. Most web browsers/applications automatically accept cookies, but youcan usually modify your browser/application settings to decline cookies if youprefer. If you are using a public computer or do not otherwise want thisinformation to be stored, you can select the appropriate radio button on thesign-in page, and this cookie will not be used. If you choose to declinecookies, you may not be able to sign in or use other interactive features ofthe Site/Application and services that depend on cookies.


Clear GIFS (also known as web beacons)are used in combination with cookies to help a site’s/application’s operatorsunderstand how visitors/users interact with the websites/application. A clearGIF is typically a transparent graphic image (usually 1 pixel x 1 pixel) thatis placed on a site. The use of a clear GIF allows the Site to measure theactions of the visitor/user opening the page that contains the clear GIF.


We utilize clear GIFS to measureVisitor/User behavior, to help us improve Visitor/User experience, and tomanage Site/Application content. We may use clear GIFS on the Site/Application,in our e-mails, in our advertisements on other websites, or in ouradvertisements in others' e-mails.


The Site/Application contains links to other non-Nakheelwebsites/applications. Nakheel PJSC is not responsible for the privacypractices or the content of these other websites/applications. Visitors/Usersshould check the privacy policy statements of these other websites/applicationsto understand their policies. Visitors/Users who access a linkedsite/application may be disclosing their private information. It is theresponsibility of the user to keep such information private and confidential.


This Privacy Policy was updated on March18, 2021.